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Visitor perception and behaviour

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Visitor perception and behaviour


Behavioural and perception indicators, derived from the semantic analysis of tourism interactions on social networks. A series of aggregate indicators are offered for the destination Spain and five tourist regions: Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Costa del Sol, Costa Brava and Costa Blanca. The aim of these indicators is to find out how satisfied visitors are with the destination: in general, with tourism products and with the hotel service, and how visitors perceive the destination in terms of safety and weather.


  • Global Tourism Satisfaction Index (GTPI):

    This index measures the overall level of visitor satisfaction with the destination.

  • Product Satisfaction Index (TPI):

    This index measures the degree of satisfaction with the destination’s products. The index results of the analysis of language sentiment for each product.

  • Perception of Security Index (PSI):

    Indicator representing the existence of a number of comments in customners’ mentions referring to security issues.

  • Climate Perception Index (PCI):

    Indicator representing the extent to which climate issues impact on customer satisfaction. Based on Natural Language Processing (NLP) of mentions dealing with climate issues.

  • The Hotel Satisfaction Index (HSI):

    This index measures the level of satisfaction with hotel accommodation and different aspects of its experience through Natural Language Processing (NLP) of hotel reviews.

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