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Rural tourism occupancy survey

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Rural tourism occupancy survey

National Statistics Institute

Monthly statistics on the activity of rural tourism accommodation in Spanish territory registered as such on the corresponding Tourism Councils of the Autonomous Regions.


Non-hotel establishments remained closed in April 2020 for the performance of any tourist activity, so there was no entry of travelers or overnight stays during that month. For this reason, and due to statistical adjustments, as well as the duty to comply with statistical secrecy, the data for November 2020, grouped by place of residence, are also not available.


  • Tourist area:

    The group of municipalities in which there is an abundance of tourists. Information on the main areas of tourist interest is offered. In the document "List of municipalities included in each area" from INE, the main tourism áreas of interest are detailed, along with the municipalities that form these areas.

  • Value “Null”:

    This value appears on the map when filtering for “Tourism areas” and placing the cursor over an Autonomous Region that does not have any tourist area.

  • Rural tourism accommodation:

    Establishments or dwellings destined for paid tourist lodging, with or without complementary services, and registered in the corresponding Tourism Register of each Autonomous Region. These establishments usually present certain characteristics: a) They are situated in a rural environment. b) They have architecture typical of the area or are located in buildings which maintain active agricultural operations (agrotourism). c) They offer a limited number of guest accommodation places and rooms, and meet certain infrastructure and basic provision requirements.

  • Average annual variables:

    Annual average of the variables: estimated number of places, estimated number of establishments and employees: If selecting the filter for a full year, divide the aggregate annual data by the number of months to see the annual average of the variables.

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