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Hotel Occupancy Survey

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Hotel Occupancy Survey

National Statistics Institute

Monthly statistics on the activity of hotel establishments in Spanish territory registered as such on the corresponding Tourism Councils of the Autonomous Regions.


In April 2020, hotels remained closed to all tourist activities. As such, no travellers arrived during that month, and there were no overnight stays.


  • Tourist area:

    The group of municipalities in which there is an abundance of tourists. Information on the main areas of tourist interest is offered. In the document "List of municipalities included in each area" from INE, the main tourism áreas of interest are detailed, along with the municipalities that form these areas.

  • Tourist site:

    Municipality with a significant tourist offer. Municipality with a significant concentration of tourism offer. The publication of the results meets statistical criteria according to the number of establishments in the sample that are located in the municipality and respond to the survey. In the specific case of hotels, responses from at least 8 establishments are required.

  • Value “Null”:

    This value appears on the map when filtering for “Tourism areas” or “Tourist points” and placing the cursor over an Autonomous Region that does not have any tourist areas or points.

  • Hotel establishment categories:

    i. Gold: Hotel, Apartment Hotel, Extended-Stay Hotel, Motel, National Parador hotel, and Residential Apartment.
    ii. Silver: Hostel, Boarding House, Inn, Guest House, Vacation Resort, and others.

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