March 2021

Airport passengers

3,2 Millions



Air traffic statistics

Statistical reports on passenger traffic in the main Spanish airports.

Monthly update

May 2021

Scheduled seats

1,8 Millions


Scheduled flight capacity

Monthly changes in inbound scheduled flight capacity.

Monthly update

March 2021

Port passengers

0,7 Millions


Puertos del Estado

Port traffic

Statistics on passenger traffic in Spanish port authorities. Boarding, disembarking, and transit.

Monthly update

March 2021

Railway passengers

2,2 Millions



Rail traffic statistics

Statistics on medium and long-distance passenger traffic.

Monthly update

January 2020

Light vehicles

6.028 veh./day


Dirección General de Carreteras

Estimated traffic on the state road network

Estimated number of vehicles on intercity roads

Pending update by the data source