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Spanish Tourism Satellite Account

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Spanish Tourism Satellite Account

National Statistics Institute

Summary statistics, comprising a set of accounts and tables, based on the main national accounting methodologies, presenting the different economic parameters of tourism in Spain.


  • Tourism Gross Domestic Product (GDP):

    Weight of Gross Domestic Product associated to tourism, measured through final tourism demand.

  • Outbound Spend:

    Expenditure incurred by residents outside the economic territory of reference and facilitated by non-residents. It does not include goods and services acquired inside the country of reference for, or after, the trip, as this consumption activity is included as internal tourism consumption.

  • Inbound Spend:

    Consumption by non-resident visitors as a result of their trips to, and in, the reference economy and provided by residents.

  • Internal Spend:

    Expenditure incurred by resident visitors either resulting from their trips inside the territory of residence, or linked to outbound tourism which are covered by producing units of the economy of reference itself. It includes the expenditure made by private households as well as those made for professional motives and incurred by companies.

  • National Tourism Consumption:

    The concept of national consumption represents the addition of internal and inbound tourism, which combined will be used to assess the weight of tourism within the fundamental macroeconomic variable, the GDP.

  • Balance:

    Difference between inbound and outbound spend.

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