February 2021

Tourism revenue

290 Milllions €


Banco de España

Balance of payments

Tourism and travel statistics in Spain’s current and capital account balance of payments. Revenue, payments and balance.

Monthly update

Year 2019

The contribution of tourism

12,4% of GDP

12,9% of employment

Instituto Nacional de Estadística

Spanish Tourism Satellite Account

Summary statistics based on the main national accounting methodologies, presenting the different economic parameters of tourism in Spain.

Annual update

March 2021

Tourism affiliates

2,1 Millions


In-house processing by Turespaña

Tourism job according to Social Security category

Workers actively employed in tourism-related jobs according to their Social Security registration.

Monthly update

4th quarter 2020

Tourism workers

2,2 Millions


In-house processing by Turespaña

Tourism-related jobs according to EPA

Study of the active population: employed and unemployed in tourism-related activities

Quarterly update

2nd quarter 2019

Card expenditure

21.816 Millions €


In-house processing by Turespaña

Payment gateways

Transactions carried out in Spain using bank cards issued abroad.

Pending update by the data source

March 2021

Consumer Price Index. Tourism and hospitality


Instituto Nacional de Estadística

Consumer price index (CPI)

Evolution in price of consumer goods and services purchased by households resident in Spain.

Monthly update

February 2021

Service Sector Activity Indicators. Hotel and catering


Instituto Nacional de Estadística

Service Sector Activity Indicators

Amounts invoiced by the company for the provision of services and sale of goods

Monthly update