Tourism job according to Social Security category


Information generated by processing data from worker registration in the different Social Security regimes, managed by the Social Security Treasury General and the Social Marine Institute (Ministry of Labour, Migrations and Social Security).

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Latest available data

 August 2021% annual varianceAverage from Jan.% average annual variance
Active workers in tourism jobs (thousands)2.3674,0%2.197-3,6%
Hospitality and travel agencies (thousands)1.6614,0%1.485-4,4%
Accommodation services (thousands)35812,9%270-5,4%
Food and beverage services (thousands)1.2782,7%1.149-5,4%
Travel agencies / Tour operators (thousands)55-5,6%55-10,3%


  • Tourism activities:

    In line with international recommendations, in this use of Social Security contributor data, tourism activities are considered to be those corresponding to the following branches of activity, according to CNAE 2009: 55 and 56 Hospitality, 491 Intercity rail passenger transport, 493 Other passenger land transport, 501 Maritime passenger transport, 503 Inland passenger water transport, 511 Passenger air transport, 522 Activities relating to transport, 791 Activities of travel agencies and tour operators, 7711 Car and light motor vehicle rental, 7734 Rental of water craft, 7735 Rental of aircraft, 7990 Other booking services and related activities, 900 Creative and artistic activities and performing arts, 910 Libraries, archives, museums and other cultural activities, 931 Sports activities, 932 Recreational and entertainment activities.
    This approximation is both an underestimate, as it does not consider other economic activities which may partly contribute to the activity of the tourism industry, and an overestimate insofar as the branches considered do not operate exclusively for the tourism industry.

  • Hospitality:

    The activities included in the group Hospitality, according to CNAE 2009, are: Accommodation services and Food and beverage services.

  • Accommodation services:

    The activities included in group 55, Accommodation services, according to CNAE 2009, are: 551 Hotels and similar accommodation, 552 Holiday and other short-stay accommodation, 553 Campsites and caravan parks, 559 Other accommodation.

  • Food and beverage services:

    The activities included in group 56, Accommodation services, according to CNAE 2009, are: 561 Restaurants and mobile food services, 562 Event catering and other food services, and 563 Beverage serving establishments.

  • Travel agency, tour operator reservation service and related activities:

    The activities included in group 79, Travel agency, tour operator reservation service and related activities, according to CNAE 2009, are: 791 Travel agency and tour operator activities, and 799 Other reservation service and related activities.

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