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Interurban land transport

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Interurban land transport


Monthly data on passengers transported by bus and rail, on médium-distance and long-distance interurban lines, in Spain.


  • Interurban transport:

    Transport that have a pre-established itinerary subject to fixed schedules and timetables, taking passengers at fixed stops between different municipalities. An administrative concession is required to carry out this type of transport.

  • Medium-distance:

    Transport carried out in distances less than or equal to 300 km not included in local distance.

  • Long-distance:

    Transport over distances of more than 300 km. Long-distance interurban rail transport is broken down into ‘High Speed’ (including AVE and AVLO) and ‘Rest of long distance’.

More information:
To see or download the data, you will need a tool or application which can display spreadsheets.
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