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Hostel occupancy survey

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Hostel occupancy survey

National Statistics Institute

Monthly statistics on the activity of hostels, defined as such in the different legal regulations of each Autonomous Region, and belonging to the Spanish Youth Hostel Network.


  • Non-hotel establishments remained closed in April 2020 for the performance of any tourist activity, so there was no entry of travelers or overnight stays during that month. For this reason, and due to statistical adjustments, as well as the duty to comply with statistical secrecy, the data for November 2020, grouped by place of residence, are also not available.
  • An improvement in the estimation process for the empty strata is implemented upon the basis of the publication of the definitive EOAL results for January 2023. This means that the definitive 2023 data are not directly comparable with those of 2022.


  • Hostel:

    Hostels are generally considered to be establishments that mainly offer the public accommodation in multiple rooms, with or without complementary services, and usually with the possibility of doing an activity related to the environment.

  • Annual average of the variables:

    Annual average of the variables: estimated number of places, estimated number of open establishments and employees: If selecting the filter for a full year, divide the aggregate annual data by the number of months to see the annual average of the variables.

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