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Employment in Spain – SEPE

Employment in Spain – SEPE

Servicio Público de Empleo Estatal

Information on job seekers in tourist occupations, according to the National Classification of Occupations (CNO-11), in Smart Destination network destinations, and information on applicants, contracts and registered unemployment, at a municipal level in Spain.

If you want to view municipal level data on Unemployment, Contracts and Job Seekers on a map, you can do it by clicking on the corresponding map. If you want to view a particular municipality, you can search for it at the bottom left using the "search location" option, as shown in the image.


  • Job Seeker:

    This person is the applicant for a job, whether they are unemployed or not, before a Public Employment Services Office of the National Employment System.

  • Unemployed:

    Job seekers, except those who are in any of the situations listed in the Ministerial Order of 11 March 1985 (B.O.E. of 14/3/85)

  • Not unemployed:

    Job seekers who are in any of the situations listed in the Ministerial Order of 11 March 1985 (B.O.E. of 14/3/85)

  • Tourism-related Employment:

    According to the national classification of occupations (CNO-11), the following have been defined as tourist occupations: 9812, 9432, 9320, 9310, 9210, 8420, 8412, 8411, 8311, 5992, 5840, 5831, 5825, 5824, 5823, 5822, 5821, 5500, 5120, 5110, 4424, 4423, 4422, 4421, 4412, 4411, 4123, 3739, 3734, 3733, 3724, 3532, 3155, 3154, 3153, 3152, 3151, 2939, 2937, 2936, 2935, 2934, 2933, 2932, 2931, 2630, 1501, 1429, 1422, 1421, 1419, 1411 More information Complete structure

  • Smart Destination (DTI):

    It's a tourist destination belonging to the network of smart tourist destinations. More information Smart destinations

Más información:

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