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Resident tourism survey (ETR)

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Resident tourism survey (ETR)

National Statistics Institute

Monthly statistics estimating travel by the resident population and its key characteristics (destination, duration, reason, accommodation, means of transport, expenditure, and socio-demographic characteristics of the travellers).


  • Travel:

    Tourist trips are considered as travels to a main destination out of the regular living environment of the person, that involves at least an overnight stay out of the above mentioned environment and have a duration of less than one year, provided the main reason for it, including business, leisure or other personal reasons, is different from employment in a company established in the place visited.

  • Travel expenses:

    The concept of tourism expenditure will be adjusted to the international recommendations, according to which "tourism expenditure" makes reference to the amount paid for the acquisition of consumption goods and services and valuable objects, for own use or for gifts, before and during tourist trips. It includes expenses incurred by the visitors, as well as the expenses paid or reimbursed by others. Categories: Expenditure in tourist package; Expenditure in accommodation; Expenditure in transport; Expenditure in bars or restaurants; Expenditure in recreational, cultural and sports activities; Expenditure in valuable objects/durable goods; Other expenditure.

  • Main reason for the travel:

    The reasons are grouped into two main categories, personal or professional, which are subsequently disaggregated into subcategories: Personal reasons (Sun and beach tourism; Cultural tourism; Nature tourism; Gastronomic tourism; Sports tourism; Thermal and well-being tourism; Other type of leisure tourism; Visits to relatives and friends; Shopping tourism; Travelling to study center; Other education and training reasons; Health treatment; Religious reasons, pilgrimages, etc.; Incentives; Other personal reasons) and Businesses and other professional reasons (Congresses, fairs and conventions; Travelling to the work place; Other professional reasons).

  • Main transport means:

    The main transport means is defined as the transport means used to reach the travel destination. If several transport means are used to reach this destination, or if the travel has several destinations and more than one transport means is used to go from one to another, the main transport means is that where the longer distance has been run. In the particular case, that a transport means has been used for the departure travel and a different one for the return travel (same distance), the most expensive transport means is considered to be the main one. Categories: Air transport; Sea or river transport (Cruise, Ferry, Owned, lent or rented craft); Land transport (Car or other own or lent private cars, Car or other private cars hired without driver to rental companies, Taxis or other private vehicles hired without driver to rental or transport companies, Car or other shared vehicles with payment to the driver, Bus, Train, Non-motorized land transport); Other transport means.

  • Main accommodation:

    "Main accommodation" is defined as the type of accommodation where the higher number of nights was spent during the travel. If the same number of nights was spent in two different types of accommodations, the main one is considered that where the person was accommodated during his/her stay in the main destination. In this case, the main one is considered that involving a higher cost. Categories: Of market or paid accommodation (Hotel or aparthotel; Boarding house, hostel, motel, inns, guest house; Full dwelling for rental (including tourist apartments); Room rented in private house; Rural tourism accommodation; Lodge; Camping; Cruise; Another market accommodation) and No of market or non-paid accommodation (Own house; Houses of relatives, friends or companies freely loaned; Shared-use dwellings (timeshare); Exchanged dwellings; Other non-market).

  • Tourist package:

    A tourist package is the previous booking of the travel including at least accommodation and transport, though some of these two elements can be replaced by any other service involving a significant amount of the total price of the travel (organized visits, car rental, etc.), and that has been solve a global indivisible price through the travel agency or tour operator.

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