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SEGITTUR’s Active Listening on social networks and other Internet media searches for and analyses comments and posts relating to tourism in Spain.

Monitoring information published on the Internet is a fundamental part of the tourism sector’s digital strategy. It provides information on the activity and the impact of online news, posts and comments via social media posts, digital media news, comments on forums, blogs, etc.


  • The dashboard data on which the reports are based are a sample of the information published on online media and social networks within the period of time indicated. Internet publications are filtered to select mentions that include terms related to tourism and destinations in Spain.
  • It should be remembered that the data shown on the dashboard are constantly changing, as SEGITTUR regularly updates and refines Internet searches to improve the results obtained. The dashboard information captures these search results, and the reports are drafted using a selection of the most relevant results chosen by the analysts who evaluate, classify and interpret each mention in order to compile the report.
  • From January 2024, variations may occur in the statistical data series due to a change in the methodology of the search and selection tool for news and posts related to tourism.


  • Mention:

    Each news item, article, post or comment published on the internet is considered a mention. The algorithm used by SEGITTUR performs different types of internet searches to locate mentions relating to tourism in Spain. The classification of mentions in terms of age, gender or sentiment is based on estimates, and the data displayed in the dashboard are the direct result of the use of specialised algorithms that evaluate all the mentions found in each search. These results are analysed and interpreted in monthly reports.

The studies carried out and reports written in this section refer to tourism in Spain, taking into consideration publications and posts made in this country in Spanish, Catalan, Galician and Basque. The analysis focuses primarily on intention to travel, and on perceptions of safety and security. However, all search results obtained are taken into account, to highlight any other relevant tourism-related topic that might come up.

In the period August – November 2023, the report generation service has remained inactive.

For more information, you can refer to the full reports below, and download them if you wish.

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