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International tourist arrivals worldwide

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International tourist arrivals worldwide

World Tourism Organisation

Tourism indicators compiled by the World Tourism Organisation showing international tourist arrivals, receipts and expenditure, distributed by regions and countries.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has launched a new tourism recovery tracker as a tool to support tourism.

The tracker, the most comprehensive tourism data dashboard to date, is the result of a collaboration between international organizations and the private sector. Available free of charge, it covers key indicators of tourism behaviour by months, regions and sub-regions, allowing a real-time comparison of the recovery of the sector in different parts of the world and diverse industries.

Access the UNWTO Tourism Recovery Tracker in the UNWTO Tourism Data Dashboard through the following link: https://www.unwto.org/unwto-tourism-dashboard

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  • International tourists:

    Serie anual desde 2014. Turistas

    Name: International tourists

    Operation: Basic indicators. Compendium of tourism statistics

    Source: World Tourism Organisation

    First record: 2014

    Frequency: Annual

    Units: Thousands of people

    Description: The numbers of international tourists entering each country in the reference year

To see or download the data, you will need a tool or application which can display spreadsheets.
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