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Survey of tourist expenditure (EGATUR)

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Survey of tourist expenditure (EGATUR)

National Statistics Institute

Monthly statistics on tourist expenditure while in Spain by visitors who are not resident in the country (tourists and day-trippers), covering the main characteristics of their journeys (how they entered the country, accommodation type, main destination, country of residence, reason for the journey, organisation type, expenditure items).


  • The high alert period for the management of the health crisis situation caused by COVID-19 meant the suppression of the flow of international visitors to Spain for tourist reasons in April and May 2020. As a consequence, the expenditure by international visitors to Spain for tourism reasons was zero. For this reason, when calculating inter-annual variation rates for April and May 2021, -100% appears.
  • Since March 2022, "Russia" is included in the aggregate "Rest of Europe"


  • Visitor:

    A person who travels to a main destination outside their usual environment, for less than a year, for any main purpose other than to be employed by a resident entity in the country or place visited. A visitor can be a tourist or a same-day visitor (or day-tripper).

  • Tourist:

    A person travelling for pleasure or business, with at least one overnight stay. Tourism defines all trips made by a visitor to a main destination outside of their place of usual residence, which involve at least one overnight stay, for a duration of less than a year, provided that the main reason, including business, leisure or other personal reasons, is other than employment at a business established in the place visited.

  • Same-day visitor:

    A same-day visitor (or day-tripper, or excursionist) is a person making an excursion. An excursion is considered a trip without an overnight stay made outside of the visitor’s place of usual residence and starting from the visitor’s place of usual residence. The data on same-day visitors from one year are available at the end of the following year, therefore the data for this type of visitor cannot be seen during the current year.

  • Transit visitor:

    A transit visitor is a tourist or same-day visitor passing through Spain on their way to another country (for example, people changing flights in a Spanish airport, or people who cross Spain by road as they travel from Europe to Portugal).

  • Main purpose of travel:

    The purposes of travel are classified into three categories: i. Leisure/holidays, including trips for culinary tourism, cultural tourism, sports tourism, sun and beach tourism, nature tourism, and other types of leisure. ii. Business. iii. Other, which includes studying, personal reasons (health, family, etc.) and other reasons (this includes trips that could not be included in any other category).

  • Commercial / non-market accommodation:

    Commercial accommodation involves a payment to use the service, whereas non-market accommodation is unpaid.

  • Accommodation ‘Not applicable’:

    This text appears when ‘same-day visitor’ is selected as the visitor type variable; as explained under the definition of same-day visitor, this type of visitor does not stay overnight in any type of accommodation.

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