Tourism movement at borders (FRONTUR)

Instituto Nacional de Estadística

Monthly statistics on the number of visitors to Spain who are not resident in the country (tourists and day-trippers) covering the main characteristics of their journeys (how they entered the country, main destination, country of residence, reason for the journey, and organisation type).


  • Visitor:

    A person who travels to a main destination outside their usual environment, for less than a year, for any main purpose other than to be employed by a resident entity in the country or place visited. A visitor can be a tourist or a same-day visitor (or day-tripper).

  • Tourist:

    A person travelling for pleasure or business, with at least one overnight stay. Tourism defines all trips made by a visitor to a main destination outside of their place of usual residence, which involve at least one overnight stay, for a duration of less than a year, provided that the main reason, including business, leisure or other personal reasons, is other than employment at a business established in the place visited.

  • Same-day visitor:

    A same-day visitor (or day-tripper, or excursionist) is a person making an excursion. An excursion is considered a trip without an overnight stay made outside of the visitor’s place of usual residence and starting from the visitor’s place of usual residence.

  • Commercial / non-market accommodation:

    Commercial accommodation involves a payment to use the service, whereas non-market accommodation is unpaid.

  • Accommodation ‘Not applicable’:

    This text appears when ‘same-day visitor’ is selected as the visitor type variable; as explained under the definition of same-day visitor, this type of visitor does not stay overnight in any type of accommodation.

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