Characterisation of Tourist Traffic


Characterisation of tourist traffic based on mobile phone data, with the aim of determining the movement of the inhabitants of municipalities with over 30,000 inhabitants, as well as the places visited by foreign tourists.

Data available since June 2020.

There are two types of data shown: Weekly, classified as business days (Monday to Thursday) and weekends (Friday to Sunday).


  • Tourist:

    A person who travels outside of their place of usual residence with at least one overnight stay (stay of over 24 hours at the same destination) and with a duration of less than one year.

  • Usual environment:

    The usual environment of an individual is defined as the geographical area (though not necessarily a contiguous one) within which individuals displace themselves within their regular routine of life.

  • Data ‘Desconocido’:

    This text appears when the number of terminals in a trip between areas is less than 15 units. This occurs to protect privacy and respect statistical confidentiality.

  • Same-day visitor:

    Data in progress.

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